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Overcome Your Mental

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OcYM Abroad

Join us in providing the youth a life changing experience. Every donation counts, the youth is counting on us. 

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Our Purpose

“OcYM globally inspires confidence, optimism, creativity, and peace through words, arts, and fashion to enhance a positive mindset towards life.” 

-Stress Less Embrace More


     Overcome Your Mental (OcYM) and A Greater Good Foundation (AGGF) have partnered up to host an amazing youth mission trip to bring a group of student athletes to Jerez de la Frontera located in Spain. 

The student-athletes will go through the AGGF screening process before being selected for this incredible opportunity. In September the group will get a hands on life experience of the Spanish culture for a week. During this week, the group will be able to train, meet, receive apparel and go to Baloncesto Xerez CD games. Baloncesto Xerez CD is the premier basketball team for “Jerez de la Frontera”. 

     Outside of an amazing on the court experience, the group also is able to tour the city, other cities nearby, North Africa and be a part of a life changing experience by interacting with the native people from each area visited. Also there will be an opportunity to visit multiple “Spanish” schools within Jerez de la Frontera.

     As we move forward with OcYM Abroad, we appreciate all the support. OcYM and AGGF are fully dedicated to OcYM Abroad and love having a platform to give back to the youth. If you are able and willing to donate to help the group of student-athletes to receive an opportunity of a lifetime we greatly appreciate your help.

A Greater Good Foundation

      A Greater Good Foundation (AGGF) is an inspiring foundation for the youth and communities world wide. AGGF has an incredible ability to encourage self-education, exposure and nutrition globally. Previously to this project, there has been plenty of success with another mission trip globally and many events. A Greater Good Foundation was founded in 2016 and has continued to make a bigger positive impact globally everyday. For more information about AGGF: 


Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

     Jerez de la Frontera is located in Southern Spain, enriched in the Spanish culture. Some of the things that Jerez is known for are equestrian ballet,  historic flamenco dancing, unique annual Spanish culture festivals, Sherry Wines and more. Jerez Sherry is like no other and is produced in a variety of styles. This Andalusian city is a hidden gem with access to multiple beaches nearby, a ferry to North Africa, no more than a 30 minute drive by car to the Naval Station Rota, and much more. For more information about Jerez de la Frontera: click here.

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