Help OcYM Inspire Others

Hi, will you help give back?

“OcYM Mentality” is a platform to help you release and talk about daily stress or situations that may be bothering you. This platform gives you an opportunity to speak about challenging situations and how you were able to overcome them. Sometimes we may feel more comfortable talking to someone that we may or may not know depending on the situation. Sometimes holding things inside can be harmful, OcYM wants to hear you. Together we can embrace our positive mindset through “OcYM Mentality”.

OcYM wants to help spread strength and confidence to overcome situations that are mentally exhausting or challenging.  Let us work together to help motivate and give hope to others. We do not know what everyone is going through in life and your story could make the difference. Join OcYM in building each other up and give hope to one another. Overcome Your Mental with OcYM!

If your video or audio is chosen to be used by OcYM, you receive an OcYM gift. Thank you for sacrificing your time to help give back! After completing the audio or video please email it to (email). If you have any questions, email us at (email) thank you again! Below is an outline to help guide you through the process: 

Description and Guide: 

* For AUDIO, Speak clear and into the audio outlet with clean language 

* For VIDEO, please record during the day and with good lighting

* For VIDEO, if possible please record the video shoulder up for media/website

* If you have access to additional videos and/or photos that you would like to share, please let us know to help produce the best video possible 


  • Introduce yourself 
  • Where are you from?
  • What is the mental situation that you overcame or are currently working through?


  • Describe the plot of the situation 
  • What challenges did you have with the situation?
  • How did you stay mentally strong to overcome your situation?


  • What are some things you mentally learned from the situation?
  • What would you tell those who are in a similar situation?
  • How is your mentality now?
  • End with “Overcome Your Mental with OcYM”

Example Below: