Overcome Your Mental

  • Overcome Your Mental (OcYM) was founded in January of 2020 by E. Victor Nickerson. The mindset behind OcYM is to encourage a positive mentality strong enough to embrace any situation no matter how stressful the situation may seem to be. We believe there is at least one positive in every situation. The key is finding the positives and focusing on them. As we continue to inspire a strong positive mindset, we love for you to support Overcome Your Mental (OcYM). Together anything is possible! 

“OcYM globally inspires confidence, optimism, creativity, and peace through words, arts, and fashion to enhance a positive mindset towards life.”

  • -Overcome Your Mental with OcYM


E. Victor Nickerson

E. Victor was born in Richmond, VA and raised in Atlanta, GA. The former Division-1 athlete graduated from Valparaiso University with 2 degrees. Learning to stay positive through obstacles on and off the court became the foundation mindset of Overcome Your Mental (OcYM). Today E. Victor is still playing basketball professionally, while continuing to grow with OcYM and inspiring people globally to enhance a positive mindset no matter the situation.